October Wrap Up

This is my October wrap up. Sadly I had a reading slump in the middle of this month which slowed down my reading so much. As I said in my TBR I had already read Mangus Chase and Illuminae in the first five days of October and I went down hill from there sadly. Really enjoy all of these books. Would definitely recommend all of these books. Illuminae was a cool sci-fi kind of book and it has so many twists and turns it was thrilling. Magnus Chase and the sword of summer was so much fun it is was a nice light read but I couldn’t put it down except from when I was laughing at the chapter titles if you are a fan of Rick Riordon then you will love. Crooked kingdom was amazing it was like ocean’s eleven with Europe in 19th century and a bit of magic loved loved it.  #illuminate #leighbardugo #crookedkingdom #sixofcrows #gemina #manguschase #theswordofsummer #thehammerofthor #books#bookstagram #bookclub #bookphotography #bookblogger #bookaholic #bookstragramfeature #bookcover #books📚 #leighbardugo #rickriordan #jaykristoff #amiekaufman #book📖 #bookworm #booklover #bookaddict #bookwrapup


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