The Red Queen 

Here is my review on the Red Queen by Victoria Ayeyard. 

This book I am just going to start with oh my god like seriously. So this book was really really good but the reason I only gave it four stars actual forget about the four stars i am changing it to five stars. So oh my god cal and marven mare such good character and it sucks you in and plays with your emotions so much. 

So I while reading it I could feel the emotion and started feeling them myself but cal always the gentleman melted my heart instantly and marven he was okay nothing compared to cal. I got the total feels for this book. I would so recommend this book to anyone but just be willing to wait a couple of months for the next one that is what I did. 

I originally bought it in February when came at then heard there would be a second but not until 2016 and I kept delaying read until I just couldn’t any more. But having said all of that I really didn’t enjoy the ending like i know why it was that way but still didn’t enjoy it and might read the next one might not.


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