The Red Queen 

Here is my review on the Red Queen by Victoria Ayeyard. 

This book I am just going to start with oh my god like seriously. So this book was really really good but the reason I only gave it four stars actual forget about the four stars i am changing it to five stars. So oh my god cal and marven mare such good character and it sucks you in and plays with your emotions so much. 

So I while reading it I could feel the emotion and started feeling them myself but cal always the gentleman melted my heart instantly and marven he was okay nothing compared to cal. I got the total feels for this book. I would so recommend this book to anyone but just be willing to wait a couple of months for the next one that is what I did. 

I originally bought it in February when came at then heard there would be a second but not until 2016 and I kept delaying read until I just couldn’t any more. But having said all of that I really didn’t enjoy the ending like i know why it was that way but still didn’t enjoy it and might read the next one might not.



Here is my review for Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. 

I had heard so many good things about this book. I just had to get it. I loved Alexandra bracken’ writing style and the way she describes playing the violin and how she describes the time travel element. 

I loved the story and how it played out. The only thing I didn’t like was there was this slow bit for about 50 pages but I knew why it was there. It was necessary to the story line. Excited for the second one.

A court of Thorns and Roses 

This book was the first Sarah J. Maas book I read and all I really knew about it that it was loose retelling of Beauty and Beast with fairies and humans. I picked up the paperback for $5 at a cheap bookstore in Melbourne. I finished it before we left Melbourne and loved the story, I love Sarah J. Maas writing style and the worlds she creates. About two months later I went into Dymocks bought the hardback since I loved it so much and gave my Mum the paperback and told her that she had just had to read it. She loves it too and at the moment we are both reading Sarah J. Maas other series Throne of Glass.

The Yearbook Committee 

The Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub. Here is my review. I read this book for young adult book Club at Dymocks.

OMG This book was so emotional and funny but somehow a light read for the most of it and so enjoyable. I would highly recommend this book even if you are not into the contemporary books and more fantasy or paranormal it is worth the read. I have only 4 contemporary books ever and the rest are fantasy/ paranormal.

Destined for Doon

This the second book in the Doon series by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. It follow Kenna after the events of Doon. Here is my review.  This book messed with my emotions so much and I was call some characters stupid heads a lot and then I would be like you are a genius I take back what I said about you being a stupid head. Kenna isn’t my fav character sometimes I just found her annoying but I absolutely loved her in this book and got to really know her. I wasn’t her biggest fan after what she did to veronica and Jamie’s brother. But this book changed my mind and did feel for her


This is books one to three of the Doon series. There is one more book coming out but not until 2rd of August. So the first book which is the one of left is the book I will be reviewing today. Here is my review on Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. So this book is almost a retelling of brigadoon but in Young Adult Style and if you don’t know what brigadoon is   It is a set in Scotland where there is this bridge to Doon and you can only cross every thousand years. But Doon follows two awesome teenage girls called Veronica and Mackenna. OMGOD it is such a GOOD BOOK. It is amazing so I was in a dry pack where I couldn’t get into a book but this got me out of it.

These Broken Stars

Here is my review on These Broken Stars by Amie Laufman and Megan Sponner.  Oh oh myyyy god god. This book was so good the journey is has in the book and the journey it takes you on emotionally. So this books is amazing. A lady at Dymocks suggested to me since I liked Sarah J Maas writing and said it similar and just amazing.

Throne of Glass

Throne of glass By Sarah J. Maas Book Review

I really liked this book and when I say liked I should really say loved.I loved the first 50 pages and from 50 to 150 I really struggled to find it interesting but were some bits between those pages that i just absolutely loved and  once I got past that part I really loved it and was interested.

Curio By Evangeline Denmark

This book I read for the Perustopia Book Club it was the january book of the month. I went into knowing that you would be thrown into a world already established and just having to understand as you go.

I just loved the way it was told and how it immediately put into the world of evil chemist not like from our world different and the way society worked so differently.

Just as you are understanding that world you are thrown into another and experimenting the same all over again but this with character so it is different and so many twist and turns. Now that i have finished the book i feel like understand the different worlds and how they work and how they are connected. The cover is beautiful and amazing.

Anna and the French Kiss

My First review on Anna and the French Kiss

This is book is amazing the emotion in it incredible. This book helped me though a tough time when my grandma died and I was very close to hers and I have almost been reading nonstop and it is one of the best books I have read. I was able to pour all of my emotion into reading the it and this may sound weird but it helped me come to times with it. Highly Recommend it.